About Me

me1.JPGWhen I’m not blogging, my other work place is the “Marketing Research and Planning” unit of a telecommunications company.


8 Responses to About Me

  1. Ray Dotson says:

    Being coy, huh? I’m impressed by your posts. They’re very articulate and interesting. I’m sure I’m not the only one to want to know a little more about you.

  2. walkin says:

    Your Posts are quite informative.They provide really useful information.
    Keep it up.

  3. Jeevs says:

    Good …

  4. subodh pandey says:


    its really nice which u have written and useful information which is going to contribute in others life.

  5. Vinod says:

    hi , nice to go through ur blog. Expecting more from u and want to know much more about u

  6. Anonymous says:

    am really impressed my these articles aspeciall about advantages of waking up early ..

  7. Amaresh Gupta says:

    Awsome thoughts….!! Keep Sharing mam..

  8. Syed jafri says:

    Iam syed jafri my sarch a joab ples your rigistar me my standrad 8th only your deside sms me ph no +918105925988

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