My new blog

I have a new blog up, called Healthy Stuff, about exercise, diet and health.

I think that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important for being happy and successful. Infact, if you want to be either of those, I would advise you to first take care of your health, as much as you can, and be as fit as possible.

I’m haven’t yet achieved a perfect level of fitness, but I do a lot of research on being healthy, and I implement most of the advice (instead of just nodding my head and then forgetting about it).

For now, I’m keeping it as a seperate blog, since it might not be of interest to the readers of this blog, and vice versa.


2 Responses to My new blog

  1. xnxx says:


    My new blog | Happiness and Success

  2. Vidhi says:

    I am no fully satisfied

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