Polarizing Brands

There’s been a lot of talk about polarizing your brand, and creating brand evangelists. Guy Kawasaki has some really great posts about brand evangelism.

A really cool post about polarizing cupcakes caught my eye this morning. 

bushcupcake.jpgI think this illustrates the point about brand evangelism perfectly: it’s different, and people talk about it. Even if they say they hate it, word spreads and reaches the ears of those who wouldn’t hate it.

Most people would never have the guts to do something like this. That’s why most brands are unobtrusive and politically correct. But the ones who take a stand on an issue are the ones which generate interest. And ultimately, revenue.


3 Responses to Polarizing Brands

  1. Jim says:

    I wouldn’t say you need guts to say that about the President of the US, just a complete lack of moral, ethics, and brains.

  2. shuchetana says:

    I don’t want to turn this into Life PBS, where the “P” stands for “political”.
    But from a business perspective, you seem to have been polarized enough by the picture, to leave a comment here 😉

  3. http://www.prinsea.net/2004/11/29/cum-gsesc-ceva-de-citit/
    Thank you, I read something today prinsea blog archive razii anti-p2p la iasi

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