Hopes for this blog…

This is truly a “hit the ground running” blog.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for ages now (or so it seems). But i didn’t know what to write, how to trackback, how to sign up in technorati, and so on and so forth. And i was too shy to comment in other people’s blogs, even when I wanted to.

So i decided to just do it. I’ve written a few posts, and read other blogs with greater interest than I used to before, especially those which are in my niche and from which I can learn something.

Of course, I have grand plans for this blog. The best possible outcome would be for it to become a central hub, a referral point for people seeking advice about life. If not that, I hope that at least some people will appreciate what I write.

A while back I was feeling really happy to have finally started work on this blog, and I remembered an interview I gave once. It was a one-to-one interview with a CEO whose dynamic personality I admire. It was a fun interview, and the one serious question he asked was, “What do you want to do before you die?” My answer was, “I want to touch a few lives”.

I hope I can do that through this blog.


One Response to Hopes for this blog…

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