Get Your S.O. to Do Some Work

There’s a great post at the Happiness Project for getting your s.o. to do work without you nagging.

Although it’s meant for your s.o. I think these tips could work for other people as well. The basic principle is to not hurt someone else’s feelings. That’s why nagging is so bad, because it makes someone else feel like they’re being treated as though they are incompetent and don’t have a sense of responsibility.

Some of the points mentioned are:

  • Use one word reminders: The use of one word or phrase is clearly just a reminder. In no way are you criticizing or ordering 🙂
  • Make a list: This is actually very good for me, since I’m generally a very lazy person. But once in a while I feel hyperactive, and it’s good to have a list of things to spend that sudden energy on.
  • Mention if something is a priority: I think the key here is to make sure you mention the task’s importance in clear, unambiguous terms. And remember, only a few things can be priorities.

Another tip would be to work together. That way, even the most menial and boring of tasks are made fun and enjoyable.


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