Tips for Landing That Job….

This is kind of a continuation of the previous post, for senior-year college students who are looking for jobs.Brief pointers for your resume:

  1. Your resume should be short. Most recruiters will only look at the first page, anyway.
  2. Mention any relevant coursework or projects that you’ve done.
  3. Mention any work that you’ve done
  4. Mention important ECA activities
  5. List your references

During the interview:

  1. Wear appropriate (i.e. slightly on the conservative side) clothing.
  2. Don’t fiddle with your hair, nails, clothes, anything…
  3. Try to be confident and friendly
  4. Don’t let an interviewer intimidate you. Often, they’ll want to see how you react, so be pleasant but stand up for yourself
  5. Don’t be late

Specific to the interview:

  1. Prepare answers to some common questions. Be ready with an elevator pitch for yourself; decide beforehand what strengths and weaknesses you’ll mention
  2. Be ready to describe any coursework that you may have done
  3. Be honest. If you have any problem working late hours, or traveling, mention that up front.
  4. Know any theoretical information which you may need to: e.g. if you’re applying to a bank, brush up on your knowledge of the banking world
  5. Stay abreast of recent world events

And finally, remember to research the company, know how you’d be a good fit there.I’ll probably go into the interview process in even greater detail in a later post.


One Response to Tips for Landing That Job….

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