Following your dreams

I’ve spent most of my adult life doing things that don’t seem ordinary.

I joined one university when most people thought that I could go to a better one, I started working in a research job when most people thought I would accept a lucrative offer as a banker.I’m not sure how I could’ve fared, how it would have been had I taken the road more traveled.

Most probably, I would be working at a high-paying, stressful investment bank, fighting tooth and claw for some elusive promotion. Maybe I’d get married to an equally ambitious guy, and we’d live a lifestyle typical of urban executives.

Instead I’ve wound up living a completely different lifestyle, and I’ve started blogging.

I digress, of course.

I actually wanted to begin with a quote I read as a teenager, and which stuck with me: “live your life as though you’re living it over”.

You’ll never get a chance to relive your life. Once you don’t accept an option, you’ll never have the chance to go back and try it out, or see how it goes.Every time you come to a fork in the road, you need to trust our intuition and make the choice based on what you think, and what you want: not what society deems appropriate or desirable. If it’s an important decision, take some time to think.

Try your best to drain out those voices of reason who keep advocating what Jones would do.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what you want to do. Somebody (I forget who), once said, “Telling someone to listen to their intuition is like telling someone to listen to people”.He was right in that we do have many voices inside our heads. But it’s just a matter of practice before you learn how to screen out the voices which are driven by fear and ego.

As a very basic test, ask yourself:

  1. Is this an attractive option because I think that this is what most people would do in this situation, and they must have good reasons for choosing this option?
  2. Am I tempted to choose this option because it’s the easy way out? Am I scared of the challenges I see in the future, am I scared of potential failure?

The concept of living your life over again is helpful in that it helps you to avoid decisions that are based on fear and insecurity.Over time, the voice in your head which helps you make brave, conscious decisions will grow stronger. Practice listening to your intuition and you’ll soon learn how to identify and avoid fear-based choices.


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